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Our traditional CrossFit programming, these classes are led by CrossFit certified instructors.  Classes run for one hour and are typically comprised of a warm-up, strength training, axillary muscle group training and a Metcon (metabolic conditioning).


Similar to our traditional CrossFit programming, our Synergy classes are based on partner and team workouts.  Led by one of our certified instructors, Synergy classes are a great way to get a good sweat in while meeting fellow fitness enthusiasts. 


A strength training program built around the foundational movements of bench press, back squat, and deadlift. Athletes are led through a series of accessory lifting drills building their overall strength.

Open Gym

Looking to get in some extra work? During Open Gym hours, athletes can use any of our equipment and space to get in some extra work.  We also offer free 24-hour access to our members so athletes can come in on their own time to work.

Child Watch

As a service to our members, we offer a child watch service in which children are monitored by a qualified staff member.  During this time we provide hands-on activities.  We do not restrict child watch to specific age groups.  We do not offer diaper changing services, administer medications or allow food.

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